February 25, 2024

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Brand New Galaxy opens a Western European location in Amsterdam

The rapidly growing global marketing and technology company Brand New Galaxy has opened an office in Western Europe in the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The group aims to provide highly specialized and optimized data solutions in the areas of e-commerce, creativity and content production as well as automation and performance improvement from Amsterdam. Frank Carvalho, award-winning global director of marketing and advertising, is driving the growth of the new site as managing director.

“Our mission is to grow. We are growing rapidly because we are designed to increase the performance of our customers through highly specialized and data-optimized solutions. We ensure growth through the use of our unique digital offerings and our global network of companies, which specialize in e-commerce, creativity, content production, automation and performance improvement. We have created Our new office is in Amsterdam because the Dutch capital is also growing and becoming a new business center in Europe, ”says Frank Carvallo, Managing Director of Brand New Galaxy Amsterdam.

Brand New Galaxy is an award-winning global company that provides end-to-end e-commerce and content production solutions. The company offers several unique approaches including Robonauts Pictures E-commerce E-commerce Real Feel, which use production cycles that make the online consumer product experience comparable to the physical product experience. Another special solution is FMCC – Fast Moving Consumer Communication Method, which offers a fast and scalable solution for photo and video production. Brand New Galaxy’s proprietary tools also include Synthrone, a modular and flexible ecosystem of automated services that enables the storage, creation, localization, deployment, tracking and reporting of ecommerce content worldwide.

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“Effective management of the entire digital ecosystem is a priority for all companies looking for ways to drive their robust growth in e-commerce. For us as an end-to-end e-commerce provider based on a global to local methodology, close cooperation with our customers in this part of Europe is no Our Amsterdam office is a natural result of building up convenient hubs for well-developed clients and those starting their e-commerce journey early, ”says Michel Glabinski, chief growth officer in charge of New Galaxy brand’s international business.

Galaxy growth

The new brand Galaxy has grown rapidly in recent years with new offices opening and new business acquisition. In 2020 alone, the group has opened three offices on three continents, in the United States, the Middle East and Europe. In the past year, the workforce has grown by approximately 35 percent to reach more than 500 employees, and 80 percent of skilled workers work globally and regionally. They provide global and local services to more than 200 customers in 29 languages, whether for Fortune 500 companies or small and medium-sized business e-commerce players. Brand New Galaxy is a three-time winner of the prestigious Press Magazine Awards.

Galaxy talent

The new New Galaxy Amsterdam office has a true global boss. Frank Carvallow managing director has more than 25 years of global experience in marketing and advertising and has worked in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Australia. Four-award winner was Lyons, he lived in New York before moving to Amsterdam, where he was Head of Accounts in North America and Director of Global Business at Hogarth. Other notable features in his career spanning 15 decades include Publicis Groupe as Regional Director of Customer Services, European Business Leader at Samsung and his work as Senior Brand Manager and Marketing at Vodafone in the Czech Republic. He has extensive experience in finance, services, pharmaceutical, tobacco, automotive, telecommunications and media sectors.

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About the brand new Galaxy

Brand New Galaxy (BNG) is a fast-growing independent marketing and technology agency. The privately owned “Independent Marketing Platform” was founded in Warsaw, Poland, in 2017 and currently employs more than 500 employees. Brand New Galaxy invests in innovative and dynamic ideas that thrive in a startup environment and are scalable to compete with network agencies. Brand New Galaxy is a member of the MDC Global Affiliates Program. BNG has been awarded “Debut of 2018”, “Success of the Year 2019”, “Success of the Year 2020”, and achieved first place in the prestigious agency ranking by PRESS Magazine. Includes Brand New Galaxy: Pathfinder 23 – Global Ecommerce Agency; Life on Mars – cosmetic and fashion production agency; Spacecamp – a global digital agency; Synthrone – a platform for e-commerce automation and implementation; Voyager – electronic business agency; New Gravity – a software company and a direct-to-consumer company; Robonauts Pictures – an e-commerce manufacturer; content26 – Amazon Media Agency, Man on the Moon – Human Resources Agency. More information, BNG MEA – Headquarters for the Middle East and Africa in Dubai, Brand New Galaxy AMS, an Amsterdam based hub driving business growth in Western Europe.

more information

Web: ams.brandnewgalaxy.com Downloads: BNG AMS MEDIA

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