July 12, 2024

Brad Ratter remembers Alex Trebek without pants in Jeopardy!

Brad Ratter remembers Alex Trebek without pants in Jeopardy!

Answer: A dearly departed game show host who once proved his bare legs were just as cool as his mind.

What is it: Alex Trebek without pants? Shout!

As of late Trebek’s final episode of “Jeopardy!” It is set to air on Friday, Brad Rutter – one of the highest-earning contestants in the trivia series – fondly remembers the time a veteran trivia expert opened the show with joy in his underwear.

Rater, who raised $ 4.6 million as “Jeopardy!” The contestant, remember the seemingly straight Trebek flexing his funny cheekbones During the 2005 show “Final Champions League”.

“We were so nervous, we were all pale like ghosts,” Rutter Radio Philadelphia WOGL said From the tension he and opponents Ken Jennings and Jerome Verd shared before a mental duel.

To ease tension, Rutter, Jennings, and Verd joked about playing against each other without pants, pointing out that the “Jeopardy!” You’ll keep their threesome banter private.

Brad Ratter remembers late "Danger!" The show was opened by host Alex Trebeek "With no pants on."
Brad Ratter remembers the time “Jeopardy!” Host Alex Trebeek opened the show “Without Pants”.
ABC via Getty Images

“What we didn’t realize was that our microphones were alive, and we heard Alex,” Rutter said.

Upon hearing the voice of legendary show anchor Johnny Gilbert: “Here is the host of” Jeopardy! “Alex Trebek intro,” Rutter said, “Alex walked out without pants. “

Rutter – Getting Ready to Host ABC’s New Game Show “The Chase” alongside Jennings and “Jeopardy!” Champion James Holzhauer – considers himself lucky to have experienced the smart TV icon’s sense of humor.

“Danger!” Executive Producer Mike Richards said the deadline The show is in no hurry to name a successor to Trebek, Who lost his 20-month battle with pancreatic cancer in stage 4 in November. He was 80 years old.

Without revealing the candidates, Richards said, “The search is going well, there are a lot of people who are very interested in hosting Jeopardy!” Many rumors about her.

“We’ll take our time and talk to a lot of people, host some people and see what our fans think, too,” he said.

Jennings and the power of television Katie Couric has been chosen to host “Jeopardy!” Meanwhile yet Trebek’s final appearance is shown this week.

Trebek, the endless realm of thought, will be missed.

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