June 17, 2024

Brad Pitt sold 'rotten homes' to hurricane victims

Brad Pitt sold ‘rotten homes’ to hurricane victims

Brad Pitt’s New Orleans Council housing dispute is over. The actor’s organization has settled with the plaintiffs.


The basics in brief

  • Brad Pitt has reached an agreement with the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  • The star and his organization managed to strike a deal.

He wanted to do good, but in the end things got a lot worse!

hollywood star Brad Pitt, 58, recently reached an out-of-court settlement with a total of 107 Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.

His charity Make It Right Foundation struck a deal with plaintiffs. Damage amount: 20 million good franc!

what happened? sell house After devastating hurricane damage in August 2005, the eco-friendly passive homes he helped design. However, this was not the case due to huge construction flaws weather and humidity in the US state of Louisiana.

According to The New Orleans Advocate, 107 homeowners in Lower Ninth Ward now get 25,000 each. franc Pay for repairs.

in the current situation show up Brad Pitt is “incredibly grateful” that “Global Green” took over the sum. They actually worked together right after Katrina and could consider themselves lucky because the organization has been so generous.

Brad Pitt was the face of the post-hurricane relief campaign

“We hope the agreement will help everyone look forward again and strengthen this proud community,” Pete said. Homes sold at a discount of 150,000 franc Sold to hurricane victims.

subordinate Hollywood– Najma became the face of the campaign in 2005!

The opposing attorney said, “I trusted Brad Pitt. They believed in the dream that sold them.”

Moreover: “Unfortunately, they received only a number of false promises. And now we live in corrupt houses that must be demolished and rebuilt! »

Pete himself requested that the lawsuit not be the subject of the lawsuit shortly after the lawsuit was filed. He designed the houses and was part of the advertising campaign. But it had nothing to do with actual daily work.

Brad Pitt didn’t want to take legal responsibility

Only when the organization proved unable to repair faulty homes did Pete take over again. However, he made it clear that he could not be held legally responsible for the actual construction and the resulting defects.

The Make It Right Foundation was founded in 2007, two years after Katrina destroyed large parts of New Orleans. “Brad has put a lot of time and millions of his own money into his heart project,” a close acquaintance of Pitt told the Daily Mail.

Have you followed Hurricane 2005?

However, the homeowners soon ran into problems: leaky roofs and walls made of poor quality wood caused massive mold growth and almost caused homes to collapse. One of the houses has already been demolished due to the so-called material damage.

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