November 29, 2023

Both Swiss results - Villa ahead of Jose - "Brides" are still close to the playoffs - Sport

Both Swiss results – Villa ahead of Jose – “Brides” are still close to the playoffs – Sport

Both Swiss results – Viala beats Jose – “Brides” still close to the playoffs – Sport – SRF

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Last second: The Swiss NHL team’s duel of the hour, which collects the two points again, goes to St. Gallen after extra time.

With 1.3 seconds left in overtime, Dmitriy Kulikov shocked the home team’s crowd at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The Russian in the Minnesota service overtook the Predators’ defense and got Wild literally on the extra point in the last second with 5:4.

The Swiss fencing also went to Kevin Viala after she scored a goal. Help make it 3:3 and score 4:3 after a great solo hit. Roman Josi made his 70th assist of the season to equalize 4:4 and has 91 points as the leading scorer. Fayala (84) is approaching him after 23 points in 10 matches.

There are still 3 rounds left. For Josie, it’s still a matter of his team’s playoff qualification. A point against the second best team in the Western Conference might be helpful. Nashville has overtaken Dallas and currently holds the number one place for the wildcard in the West.

Also Meyer at the last second

With Timo Meyer, the third-best Swiss scorer (76) also scored. And scored a 4-4 equalizer for San Jose seconds before the end of normal time. Then the sharks won the penalty shootout.

Without Nico Hescher, who was ill, and Jonas Seigenthaler, who was injured, New Jersey had no chance against Detroit at home. In the 3-0 defeat, the Devils only managed 17 shots on target – fewer than at any time this season.

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