Born in Wildeshauser for RTL in Kröning by Charles II:

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from: Dirk Rodenburg

Born in Wildeshausen, Wigald Bunning accompanies coronation ceremonies in London. © Tobias Haas / Chris Jackson / dpa (2)

On the 6th of May, Charles III. He is crowned King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Westminster Abbey. Also found: Wildeshauser Wigald Boning.

Wildeshausen – How much splendor and pomp do the British celebrate? What is going on other than the royal celebration? On the occasion of the big royal event, comedian, author and presenter Wildeshausen-born Wildeshausen Wigald Bonning, RTL She lives in London.

Wigald Boning at Charles’ Coronation: Wildeshauser is already busy with diapers

“Whether I’m a pretender or a royal, I’m curious to see which characters I meet and offer a slightly different perspective on the joyful celebrations,” explains Boening, who became a father for the fifth time on March 11. His wife, Teresa Teisky. He wrote on Twitter at the time: “Now son Oscar can learn about sun, rain, ants, rolled chips, Mozart, canned ravioli and all that great stuff. You can find me behind the changing table until further notice.”

Born in Wildeshausen, Wigald Bunning accompanies coronation ceremonies in London.
Comedian Wigald Bonning © RTL

However, this plan could not be implemented. A few weeks earlier, Boening had to give his late father Heinrich the last accompaniment at Wildeshausen Cemetery. The former chief justice of Wildeshauser Schützengilde and government banker died on April 3 in Oldenburg.

He didn’t want to come to the guild festival this time

Working in London has nothing to do with working at the changing table. As correspondent on coronation festivities, Boning now mingles with the British people, visiting royal fans in pubs, bars and on the roadside and talking to them about the special occasion.

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However, Boning decided not to go to another important event of the year, the Guild Festival in Wildeshausen at the end of May: “I certainly won’t be there, but I wish everyone a lot of fun in Wildeshausen. Best regards.” Boning’s piece has been spotted frequently in Wildeshausen in recent years. Once he was convicted by his father…

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