July 14, 2024

Boris Johnson reconstitutes government – new foreign minister

Boris Johnson reconstitutes government – new foreign minister

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister exchanges several ministers.

(Photo: AP)

London It is said that Boris Johnson is reluctant to offend others. The British prime minister likes to delay cabinet reshuffles, so after all, he inevitably has to deliver bad news.

On Wednesday, it was that time again: Immediately after the time of his questioning in Parliament, Johnson summoned one minister after another. After two years in Downing Street, the Conservative prime minister wanted to send a signal about what he had to do for the rest of his term in office.

He declared that he wanted to present a strong team that would rebuild the country after the pandemic and reduce regional inequality. Internally, the main purpose of rogue individuals is to reward loyal colleagues and enhance one’s authority. After the Ministers, the Ministers of State will also be reorganized; In total, the head of government has dozens of positions to fill.

The last time Johnson rebuilt his government after Brexit was in February 2020. At that time he had sacked five ministers, and called the day the “Valentine’s Day Massacre”.

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Rap resisted moving it

This time, too, there were notable victims, led by Foreign Minister Dominic Raab. Johnson’s deputy ran business in the spring of 2020, while the prime minister was in intensive care with the coronavirus. Now the Brexit hawk has been demoted to justice minister, a lesser-known position but one that should fit in with a detail-focused lawyer. Former Commerce Secretary Liz Truss, the most popular politician among the conservative grassroots, takes office and becomes Secretary of State.

Rap looked bad when NATO forces withdrew from Afghanistan in August. On the day the Afghan capital, Kabul, fell to the Taliban, the foreign minister was seen on the shore of Crete. Even as he cut short his vacation, Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer took advantage of the fact that an international evacuation from the beach could not be organized.

The foreign minister considered the criticism unfair to this day and strongly opposed, according to media reports, the transfer. After all, he was allowed to retain the title of Deputy Prime Minister. Johnson took the opportunity to get rid of the other scandal-ridden ministers. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has regularly made negative headlines about the coronavirus pandemic and made teachers and parents oppose it.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has been noted for his questionable closeness to property developers. He also angered many conservatives because he wanted to force greenbelt housing construction through far-reaching changes to building regulations. Therefore, the dismissal of the two ministers was not surprising. More layoffs and promotions are expected later on Wednesday. Cabinet reshuffles in Great Britain usually take several days.

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