October 5, 2023

Boris Becker was transferred to "I feel happy" prison!

Boris Becker was transferred to “I feel happy” prison!

Good news for Boris Becker: He has been moved to another wing of Wandsworth Prison. More freedom awaits him here.

The basics in brief

  • Boris Becker has been in prison for about two weeks for bankruptcy charges.
  • The tennis star has now been moved to a more comfortable suite.
  • The 54-year-old has more freedom here.

Finally, good news for tennis legend Boris Becker (54)!

The former athlete was in Wandsworth Prison in London about two weeks ago. Here he complains about food and his small cell and Noisy fellow guests

Now things are going uphill for “Bobbele”: transferred according to “Image” information. And in a more comfortable suite.

As the newspaper learned, Baker was moved from his E Building to a solitary cell in the “Trinity Wing”. It is supposed to be the most comfortable place in prison. Here things are less strict and prisoners have more freedom.

Do you think Boris Becker will get the celebrity bonus in prison?

Boris Becker is often allowed to leave the cell

at prisoner The “feel good” area is in great demand. Journalist Chris Atkins has been in Wandsworth himself for a long time and reveals: “Prisoners have been waiting months and even years to join this part!”

Here you are allowed to leave the cell a lot to work, get more training, play sports and socialize.

Why is Boris Becker being transferred? Apparently, as a prisoner he was upgraded from “Standard” (for newcomers) to “IEP” (incentives and perks earned).

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