July 16, 2024

Bloody whale slaughtered in the Faroe Islands

Bloody whale slaughtered in the Faroe Islands

Just ten days after the brutal massacre of 1,428 white-faced dolphins, 52 more pilot whales have now been killed, according to reports. picture-Newspaper.

“We are calling for urgent action by the European Union, Denmark and the United Kingdom to prevent the European Faroe Islands from destroying protected populations of dolphins and small whales,” said John Hurston of the Blue Planet Society. “This outrageous brutality and unsustainable slaughter must stop now.” against picture.

Denmark’s responsibility

Marine protection organizations are angry. “Terrible! Denmark must take responsibility. These species cannot be strictly protected within the European Union and efforts to conserve them are being undermined,” said Nicholas Entrop, OceanCare’s co-director for international cooperation.

cross the line

The history of whaling in the Faroe Islands dates back to the Viking Age. The animals are transported to the bay from ships and boats, where they are slaughtered and then the meat is distributed to the participants. Pilot whales are mainly hunted, but sometimes dolphins are also hunted. According to the Faroe Islands Census, a total of 576 pilot whales and 35 white-faced dolphins were killed in 2020. The number of dolphins over 1,400 is therefore unusually high. Many Faroe Islands residents fear for their island’s reputation, because “it is here that a border has been crossed and a new dimension of fishing has been reached,” the marine conservation organization OceanCare criticizes.