December 8, 2023

Bitcoin Suisse Brings in Barclays CEO as New CEO

Bitcoin Suisse Brings in Barclays CEO as New CEO

The next change in the management of Bitcoin Suisse: CEO Arthur Vayloyan abruptly resigned at the end of March. He will be replaced by a manager from Barclays UK.

On Friday morning, crypto broker Suisse surprisingly announced the next resignation in his administration. After co-founder Niklas Nikolajsen actually resigned as president of the company at the beginning of the year, CEO Arthur Vailuyan is now following suit. He will step down at the end of March, but will remain a board member of Bitcoin Suisse in the future, according to an official statement.

“Under the leadership of Arthur Vailuyan since November 2017, Bitcoin Suisse has grown from a crypto company of 20 people to a leading provider of crypto financial services in Switzerland and today has more than 300 employees,” said Chairman Luzius Messer. Praising his work. In addition, the company’s valuation doubled under his leadership from 30 million francs to several hundred million.

Vayloyan himself is convinced that crypto financial services and digital assets will become “one of the main pillars of the global economy and future prosperity.” “With Bitcoin Suisse, we were able to make a critical contribution to this at an early stage, especially in Switzerland. I am very proud of that,” the resigning CEO was quoted as saying.

The Barclays Director takes the lead

Bitcoin Suisse is also about to announce who will lead the company in the future. According to the announcement, Dirk Klee may be committed. He is currently the CEO of Wealth & Investments at Barclays UK and will join the crypto broker on April 1. At the British financial company, he has accelerated the transition to an integrated digital business model with many innovative services for clients with the participation of external partners in the field of financial technology.

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During his career, the CEO has also worked for major Swiss bank UBS. There, as Chief Operating Officer of Wealth Management, he was responsible for the operational business of the world’s largest asset manager. Under his leadership, among others, the world’s first global wealth management platform was designed and implemented. Previously, Klee was also CEO of BlackRock in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe as well as Allianz Global Investors/PIMCO.

According to Bitcoin Suisse, he has “a comprehensive track record in developing financial services companies, particularly in their growth stages, and in implementing innovations in financial products and core technologies.” The current CEO Vayloyan is also convinced that Klee has the experience, expertise and network needed to “successfully develop our strategy, and shares our ambition to take on a corporate and international leadership role with Bitcoin Suisse.”