December 3, 2023

Bishops call for a ban on deporting people from hurricane countries |  DOMRADIO.DE

Bishops call for a ban on deporting people from hurricane countries | DOMRADIO.DE

By signing three provisions, the new US President, Joe Biden, has pushed forward in changing the course he aims to pursue in immigration policy. Biden said at the White House on Tuesday (local time) that he had revoked orders from his predecessor, Donald Trump, on immigration and asylum issues that conflict with the character and security of the United States.

By order, Biden wants to reunite immigrant families separated by US authorities at the border with Mexico during the Trump era. The move was part of Trump’s “zero tolerance policy” aimed at deterring immigrants. The practice of separating children from their parents has caused international outrage. Biden described the measure as “a moral disgrace to the previous government.”

Under another decree, previous government regulations would be verified and, if necessary, reversed, as the United States’ border with Mexico was de facto closed to asylum seekers. In the long term, she said, the Biden government wants to further address migration from Central America by combating causes of migration and humanitarian regulations. Currently, the border with Mexico is largely closed anyway due to the pandemic.

The government said other regulations that have created obstacles to legal immigration are now under scrutiny. In the future, integration efforts will be coordinated centrally from the White House.

Trump took a difficult path in immigration policy and tried in various ways to lock down the country. (dpa / 03.02.2021)