Biontech invests more than 1 billion euros in Mainz


Biontech is planning, among other things, a science campus and a small management campus in Mainz. Photo: Sebastian Julino / D

(Photo: dpa)

Sahin said the first part of the barracks area adjacent to the company’s headquarters in Mainz will be received by Biontech in about six weeks, at the beginning of 2022. “New labs and office space are being built there.” The remaining space from the Bundeswehr site will be free for the company at the beginning of 2023. “Then we will have twice the space we have now,” Sahin said. A total of ten new buildings are planned or already under construction across Mainz. A science campus and a small administration campus will be established. “There is also a cancer treatment manufacturing facility and office space spread across the city.”

The founder of Biontech at the Marburg site, explained that production will continue to expand. “The lion’s share of commercial production will remain there.” In Marburg, Biontech is mass-producing a ready-to-pack Covid-19 vaccine. “There, too, we can imagine placing ourselves on a larger scale,” Shaheen said. A lot has also happened at the Idar-Oberstein production site, where Biontech has just commissioned new laboratories.

According to Sahins, Biontech currently has about 1,800 employees in Mainz and 2,800 worldwide. The founder of Biontech said that in the next five to eight years, the number of employees in Mainz should rise to 3,000 to 4,000. The Mayor of Mainz, Michael Ebling (SPD), said recently that he expects the company to invest a total of 1 billion euros in Mainz over the next 10 years. .

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