April 25, 2024

Biography of Alois Hitler- Hitler was heavily influenced by his father

Biography of Alois Hitler- Hitler was heavily influenced by his father

Adolf Hitler’s family lived in a wealthy Jewish home; His mother was treated by a Jewish doctor until her death: historian Roman Sandgruber wrote a biography of Hitler’s father with the help of newly discovered sources and found some surprising things.

Alois Hitler (1837-1903), father of Adolf Hitler, dressed as an Austrian customs officer.

Photo: Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo

If you’ve been making your way through the TV show during these pandemic weeks, you’ve likely come across a movie about Adolf Hitler – it seems Hitler with an extra word guarantees ratings, and it repeats and repeats. There is an entire series on “Hitler Privat”, a documentary film focusing on “Hitler’s Youth.”

Brigitte Hamann and Ian Kershaw have appeared in several films as teachers. In “Hitler’s Vienna,” the historian, who died in 2016, presented a major work focusing on his time in the Austrian capital, while the British historian covered the entire spectrum with Hitler’s two-part biography.

Historian Roman Sandgruber has made a name for himself even now in Austria with his publications on cultural and everyday history and more recently at the Rothschild Banking House. And now, following the logic of quotas and deliberations, “Hitler’s father” appears this Tuesday. The fact that the emeritus professor of economic and social history from Linz dared write an autobiography of Hitler’s father, Alois, has to do with a pack of 31 letters.

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