April 13, 2024

Bill Bilesick's longtime girlfriend slams Tom Brady in response to an Instagram dwarf

Bill Bilesick’s longtime girlfriend slams Tom Brady in response to an Instagram dwarf

Linda Holiday, Bill Bilesick’s longtime friend, took a quick punch Tom Brady This week after getting into a war of comments with one of the Instagram trolls due to the infamous New England Patriots break up.

Holiday, whose social media has since been changed to private, posted a post on Instagram reflecting last year when a fan commented, “Too bad Bill let Tom go.”

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She replied, “And you clearly have all the answers? Tom didn’t score last night … not once! The defense won that match. Were you watching it?” [On the other hand] – I’m happy with Tom’s career! Why can’t you be? “

Holliday was incorrectly referring to the NFC split tour match between Tampa Bay Pirates And the New Orleans Saints Where he threw Brady twice and landed for another.

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Another person on Instagram called on Holliday to get out of criticizing Brady and not being able to ignore the “trolls”.

“… whether Tom lost this week or won the Super Bowl, you should never run Tom searches on social media … if you can’t ignore the trolls, disable comments.

Holiday responded explaining her comments, adding that they should all be happy for Brady.

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“I simply meant he scored with the help of his defense. Why all the hype ?!? Stop this nonsense! Can we all just stop and be happy for Tom for a minute instead of hitting me ?!?”

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Brady did not disappoint in his first season without Beleshik. Bucs went 11-5 as Brady reached 4,633 passing yards and 40 drops. By comparison, the Patriots struggled with their quarterback status and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008.