June 17, 2024

Big update for Google Home: finally a practical tool for using Android

Google Home, like Apple HomeKit, is an option for controlling your smart home. Google has now announced some updates aimed at making it easier to operate your smart home via the in-house App Control Center. This affects not only the application for Android mobile devices, but also the connection to Wear OS smartwatches and the web interface.

This is how Google Home gets it to update According to Android, the new widget for favorites. This means you can access your most frequently used functions and favorites directly from your home screen. For example, you can turn on the lights, access the heating and much more with one click. This feature is initially in public preview and does not yet include any more complex actions in Quick Access.

Google Home shows more information about compatible devices. | Image: Google

It’s certainly a welcome innovation that Google Home now shows you more information about compatible devices. For example, you can also get information about the battery level of the sensors. In the end, you may save yourself from having to open a separate manufacturer’s app every now and then. Another new feature is the ability to extract shorter clips of video recordings from your security cameras. You can also specify start and end times to download only excerpts. It can be useful if you want to quickly view certain events separately. Incidentally, this now also works in the web interface, apart from the app.

Google Home for Wear OS is getting improvements

Google Home for Wear OS is also receiving improvements. On the one hand, you can access your favorites more easily, as favorites are included here too and you can even use a shortcut to go directly from the watch face to Google Home. This means that you can control devices remotely directly on the smart watch. There will also be more device functions to follow. For example, you’ll be able to control a humidifier or fan directly on a Wear OS smartwatch.

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With Google Home, you can always keep an eye on security cameras or video doorbells.
With Google Home, you can always keep an eye on security cameras or video doorbells. | Image: Google

On Pixel tablets, you can now access video doorbells and have two-way conversations too if your device supports it. This feature will initially appear in public preview. The latter, also called Public Preview, is now also available for Google Home on the web. As the name suggests, you can use it to try out new features before anyone else.

Public preview functionality includes the ability to design automation scripts or routines using the script editor. You can register for public preview by clicking home.google.com Click on the corresponding icon at the top right to activate the preview. Last but not least, Google points out the function with which you can now more quickly connect your Bluetooth headphones to Google TV on Chromecast via Fast Pair.

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