Biel wins the second match against Servette in the extreme

Scored two goals in the second final: Damien Brunner became the winner of the match.Photo: Cornerstone

Biel equalizes the best final series of 7 against the winning qualifier Genève Servette to 1:1. Cylinder wins after a thrilling final stage with 3:2.

In the first 175 seconds, the same number of goals were scored in the sold-out Bell Arena as in the first final, which Geneva won 2-1. After that, there was a lack of goals until the 57th minute, before Servette defender Roger Carrier defended the equalizer with a fine shot after one goal with Alessio Bertaggia to make it 2-2.

After that, it seemed like overtime, but Damien Brunner scored the acclaimed 3: 2 with 7.4 seconds left with his second goal of the match. The Genevans had another challenge for the coaches because they wanted to see offside, but the goal was awarded.

“I hit the puck perfectly, there is no other way.”

Damien Bruner

Double whammy for Hoover and Brunner

Fabio Hofer, who succeeded for the fifth time in the current qualifier, made it 1-0 for Bale after 87 seconds. After 31 seconds, Broner doubled – he now has three goals in this series of finals. Both forwards scored from close range, and the Genevans didn’t seem to have reached Biel yet, and in any case they acted very sloppy.

That changed with Marco Miranda’s equalizer, who beat Bale goalkeeper Harry Satre into the near post. The goal was preceded by a long pass from defender Roger Carrier from just inside his own area to Valtteri Vilbola, which gave the Finnish veteran his 10th assist of the qualifiers.

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Piller is very harmless in the power play

In the first six minutes of the middle third, Geneva received four penalties. The Seelanders managed to play a double advantage for 98 seconds, but they weren’t really dangerous. In the 24th minute, Tony Rajala should have made it 3-1, but top scorer Bale failed to hit the post despite the open goal – as did his teammate Ramon Tanner in the 43rd minute. In the 4:0 after victories in the semi-finals against ZSC Lions, he shone EHCB is in the power game with a success rate of 46.15 percent.

And the Geneva team had to play without Finnish defender Sam Vatanen, who was injured in the first final match after an unpunished foul by Noah Schneberger. On Sunday, the people of Biel complained about the failure. Mike Konzel did not return to the ice after a check by Bertaggia in the 34th minute.

“It’s annoying that we conceded two goals in the first two minutes. You always chase after them and it’s difficult.”

Roger Carrier in Geneva

Bell 3-2 Geneva Servette (2-1, 0-0, 1-1)
6,562 spectators. SR Stricker/Tscherrig, Wolf/Urfer.
Portals: B. (1:17) Hoover 1:0. B (1:48) Bruner (Conte, Kunzel) 2:0. 3. (2:55) Miranda (Vilbola, Karrer) 2:1. 57. Karrer (Bertaggia, Richard ) 2:2.60 (59:53) Brunner (Conti) 3:2
punish: 2 hits 2 minutes against Bell, 5 times 2 minutes against Geneva – Servette.
PostFinance top scorer: ragala. Richard.
Biel: satire. Rathgeb, Love; Yakovenko, Grossman; Schneberger, Forster; Delimont. Hofer, Haas, Olofsson; Kessler, Salenen, Rajala; Brunner, Conte, Kunzel; Stampfli, Froidevaux, Schläpfer; Tanner
Geneva Servet: Mayer. Jacquemet, Tomris; Carter, a construction worker. LeCoultre, Oveto; a full minute Miranda, Vilbola, Finick; Pouliot, Richard, Rod; Hartikainen, Jooris, Omark; Antonetti, Smirnov, Bertagia; Cavalieri
comments: Bell without Sheehan (foreign surplus), Geneva Servet without Berthon, Prablan, and Vatanen (all infected). Gene Servet from 59:53 without a goalkeeper.

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