March 1, 2024

Biden is quiet on the 25th Amendment calls; Asks Pence, the Cabinet and Congress to “act as they see fit.”

Elected President Joe Biden He remained silent amid calls from Democrats to summon the 25th Amendment or pursue impeachment articles to frustrate the last two weeks of Trump’s presidency.

Under the 25th Amendment, presidential duties could be transferred to the vice president if the vice president and a majority of cabinet members decide that the president is unfit for the position.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York State in urging Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to immediately remove Trump from office, describing him as a “very dangerous person” who committed an “act of sedition” in the riots in Capitol on Wednesday.

Asked if he joined the top two Democrats, Biden said in a press briefing on Thursday: “I’m not going to talk about that today.”

Biden says the capital was caught by a storm by “gang riots”, “domestic terrorism”

Andrew Bates, Biden’s transitional spokesman, spoke in more detail on Biden’s position: “Donald Trump himself has long since ruled out, and his actions to provoke a violent mob in a vain attack on our democracy, which has failed overwhelmingly, were obnoxious. President-elect Biden and the Vice President – Harris’ election is focused on their duty – getting ready to take office on January 20 – and they will leave it to Vice President Pence and the Cabinet and Congress to act as they see fit. “

Trump supporters breached security at the Capitol, entered and vandalized parts of the building, leading to the shutdown and forcing lawmakers in the House and Senate to suspend their sessions for nearly six hours. Biden described the attack as “one of the darkest days in the history of our nation.”

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The capital will be protected by an “indisputable” fence during Biden’s occupation

Pelosi said that if Vice President Mike Pence does not act, the House of Representatives is ready to impeach Trump again. Several Democrats in Congress joined the call, and even one Republican – Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger. “The president must now voluntarily or unwillingly give up his control of the executive branch,” Kinzinger said in a video message on Twitter.

Even Senator Lindsey Graham, RS, He did not rule out the possibility From calling 25.

“I do not support relying on the 25th Amendment now. If something else happens, all options will be on the table,” the South Carolina Republican, whose relationship with the president has only recently soured, said during a press conference.

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Biden on Thursday Trump accused With “inciting the mob to attack the Capitol,” which he said was the culmination of four years of “continuous attack” by the president “on the institutions of our democracy.”