June 14, 2024

Biden expected Anthony Blinken to be chosen as a senior diplomat

Joe BidenPresident-elect Anthony Blinken is expected to nominate his chief foreign policy adviser during the 2020 campaign as Secretary of State, a source told Fox News early Monday.

Biden is expected to make a trip to Georgia to falter for the OSSOFF

The Wall Street Journal mentioned Biden has close ties to Blinken going back nearly 20 years, and he is expected to be named Tuesday, along with other cabinet announcements.

The newspaper described Blinken as a “centrist in foreign policy,” and he said in a recent interview that his first task in this position would be to confront the Corona virus and recommit to relations with allies.

There is an urgent need for leadership at the international level regarding COVID-19. The first thing we need to do is deal, locally and internationally, is to work towards getting out from under the rock of COVID-19. ‘

President Trump did not give up the elections.

Bloomberg first mentioned In terms of the expected selection, Blinken said he served as the national security advisor to the then vice president, eventually rising to the rank of deputy secretary of state for President Obama.

The report said the 58-year-old is a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia.

“Tony was an awesome Deputy Secretary. He’s smart and kind and he’s going to be a wonderful and incredibly effective leader for what has to be one of the most mega-tasks in diplomacy, cleaning the stables after the worst president and secretary of state. We are James Melville, ex-diplomat.” CNN.

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Two Democratic sources told Fox News that Linda Thomas Greenfield is expected to be appointed as United Nations ambassador, and Biden is expected to be named Jake Sullivan as national security advisor.

New York times call Blinken Biden’s closest foreign policy advisor. The newspaper said Blinken and Sullivan are good friends with a “shared vision of the world”.

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“Simply put, the big problems that we face as a country and a planet, whether it’s climate change, whether it’s an epidemic, whether it’s the spread of bad weapons – let’s say the obvious, there aren’t any of these unilateral solutions,” Blinken said at a forum at the Hudson Institute last summer, According to the Times. “Even a powerful country like the United States cannot handle it alone.”

Jackie Heinrich of Fox News contributed to this report