Biden breaks his campaign promises and allows the Alaska oil project

The Willow Project

Joe Biden breaks his campaign promises and allows the Alaska oil project

Environmentalists are crying out, but the oil lobby is rejoicing: US President Joe Biden has given the go-ahead for a major, controversial oil project in Alaska. Before his election, he had ruled that out.


Alaska Pipeline: The region has large reserves of oil and gas.

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  • US President Joe Biden gave his approval to new oil exploration in Alaska.

  • Before his election, he promised not to approve any new funding projects.

  • Economics welcomes the decision, but climate advocates are dismayed.

US President Joe Biden has approved a major, controversial oil project in Alaska, breaking one of his key promises on climate and environmental protection. The official announcement is on Monday The so-called willow draft The permit came a day after plans were announced to ban or limit oil drilling in some other areas of Alaska and the Arctic Ocean. Environmental and climate activists will likely be upset by Willow’s decision.

Biden’s permit initially allows three well fields Project developer ConocoPhillips Where 219 wells will be drilled. A fourth oil field was rejected. The oil company described Biden’s plan as “viable.” But environmentalists said Biden’s approval violated his campaign promises to stop drilling for oil on public lands. According to Conoco Phillips, the Willow project could produce up to 180,000 barrels of oil per day. The construction will create up to 2,500 jobs, and 300 jobs will be created for ongoing operations in the long term. According to the company, government agencies can expect billions in taxes and other revenue.

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Environmental campaign launched

Politically, the project has widespread support in the United States. However, environmental activists launched a campaign on social media under the hashtag #StopWillow to remind Biden of his commitments to reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions.

The US Department of the Interior had previously raised concerns about the project’s direct and indirect emissions and their impact on flora, fauna, and indigenous livelihoods.

The White House said Sunday that Biden would ban or limit oil production in areas covering about 6.5 million hectares in Alaska and the Arctic Ocean, including 1.2 million hectares in the Beaufort Sea. Environmentalists welcomed this. At the same time, Earth Justice Commission chair Abigail Dillen said Biden should extend the protections to Willow as well. “You have the power to stop Willow,” she said.

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