June 16, 2024

XXX Bianca Oblivion „Bad Gyal“.

Bianca Oblivion’s Global Strike – ByteFM

Bianca Oblivion feels comfortable in many ballrooms (Image: 3’Hi)

Today’s track is called “Bad Gyal” and is a collaboration between American producer Bianca Oblivion, Thai Chi Rosé and Dyer MC. The track appears on a new song from this versatile Los Angeles artist. By allowing sides A and B to enter the dance floor from completely different sides, Oblivion demonstrates her fluency as a producer. For example, the B side “EZ 4 Me (Dub)” features a fast cadence that pumps four to the ground, and would do well in a UK garage range. Overall, Bianca Oblivion seems to have a soft spot for British club sounds. Not only does she like the combination of UK and US bass music; The mic guests on today’s track also have a UK connection.

British Jamaican singer Tai Chi Rosie shares the mic here with London-born Dyer MC who is currently based in Los Angeles. Bianca Oblivion modestly describes Club Rough’s song as “the hip-hop side” in her new single. Even if this statement is a bit annoying, the statement couldn’t be more accurate. Because even if its drive isn’t a boom, trap, dirt, or drill beats, the track is close to the core of the genre. Because hip-hop was not born in the studio, but from the interaction of presenters, DJs at parties and jams. Our trajectory today reflects the raw, unpredictable spontaneity of the time and the global impact this genre had.

Bianca Oblivion’s single “Bad Gyal” (feat. Thai Chi Rosé & Dyer MC) was released on the Future Bounce label and today is our daily hit. Hear it and watch it here:

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