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Beyond the meat It recently announced the expansion of its partnership with A&W Canada Known for introducing beyond meat nuggets. A&W is a fast-food franchise chain with over 900 locations across Canada and some in Asia that has been serving Beyond Meat Burger since 2018.

Beginning August 9, customers will now be able to find Beyond Meat Nuggets at all A&W stores in Canada for a limited time while supplies last. The coins will be available in packs of six or ten as an option for the A&W Kids’ Pack. Guests can order Beyond Meat Nuggets at the restaurant, by car, via the A&W mobile ordering app and via third-party delivery apps.

© Beyond Meat

“Beyond Meat Nuggets could not be launched at a better time,” said Diana Jurgens, Beyond Meat’s chief growth officer. We doubled our range of vegetable based chicken this summer as consumer demand for chicken skyrocketed. Following the success of our partnership with Beyond Burger, we are proud to partner with A&W Canada to bring Beyond Meat Nuggets to Canada.”

“Many Canadians are looking for vegan alternatives but don’t want to compromise on taste,” said Tom Newtt, vice president of marketing for A&W Canada. “We have been searching for the best and tastiest vegan nugget and we are excited that our guests will try our new Beyond Meat Nuggets range. We think nugget lovers will be very impressed!”