December 6, 2023

Beyond Good & Evil 2: Beacon of Hope sets a disturbing record

Beyond Good & Evil 2: Beacon of Hope sets a disturbing record

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is one of Ubisoft’s most ambitious and promising titles – but the sequel has now broken a rather annoying record.

Usually, most of the logs set up promise something good, but of course there are also more negative ones – and Ubisoft now has exactly one of them. Beyond Good and Evil 2 Inside The Beacon of Hope has been operating for many years – and this is where the dog is buried.

As of now, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is the longest-running and most delayed AAA game in video game history — although the title doesn’t really exist in that form. In this disgraceful informal arrangement has been for many years Duke Nukem Forever It took “first place”, after all, first-person shooting was delayed several times after the original announcement and it was a long time. The gist: Beyond Good & Evil 2 has now outpaced the shooter, with complete secrecy and quietness.

Ubisoft first announced the sequel back in 2008 (!), and since then development has been problematic, delays, restarts, etc. The upshot: Even after 14 years, the work on Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn’t finished and the title now beats Duke Nukem Forever.

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The shooter was announced in 1997 and finally appeared in 2011. There were exactly 5,156 days between announcement and release, but since the first release of the Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer, 5,234 days have passed at the end of September — and an end is still not in sight. . Finally, Beyond Good & Evil 2 has yet to receive a release date from Ubisoft.

The first part of the franchise was released in 2003 as a third-person action game by Michel Ancel, the creator of the Rayman series.

Stop advertising games so early! – No power to make noise!

Do we really need to know a game five years ago?