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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with their red marching uniforms, distinctive hats and handsome horses, is one of the flags of Canada. An integral part of Canada’s streets today, the world-renowned police force was established on May 23, 1873, with an initial membership of 300. Today, more than 30,000 Mounties – as they are affectionately called in Canada – work across the country for law and order. Visitors can encounter mountains in many places across the country. Especially this year: on the occasion of the anniversary, there are events all over Ahornland.

The corps, unique in the world, was created by the Canadian Parliament 150 years ago, originally as the North West Mounted Police. The task of the then specially mounted troops was to enforce the laws of the country, initially mainly in the vast areas of western and northern Canada. Finally, in 1920, the organization was reformed and given its current name. Today, Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), no longer travels on horseback. With its 658 units and 12,300 emergency vehicles, it is active in every province and many cities and municipalities in Canada.

Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan’s Prairie province, is home to the mountains. National Training Academy for New Personnel and the RCMP Heritage Centre. At the museum and information center, visitors can learn about the history and mission of the Corps, as well as watch ceremonial ceremonies and parades on certain days of the year. Open days are planned at the training center to mark the 150th anniversary.

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Another highlight: Between May and October — during the anniversary — the RCMP Cavalry Team tours the country, showing off their skills in about 50 cities. At the so-called Musical ride Up to 32 riders present their horses in front of an audience with traditional exercises and intricate costume figures.

Horse enthusiasts can do the trick in the capital, Ottawa, between May and September RCMP positions Visit Animals of the Musical Rite.

In the days leading up to the 150th anniversary, Ottawa will also be treated to a special treat Sunset Festivals At sunset the national anthem will be sung and the Canadian flag will be lowered in front of the marching troops. Similar celebrations are planned in Regina.

Under the keyword “Meet a Mountie,” interested parties can speak directly with RCMP members year-round at multiple locations across Canada and learn more about their job description and day-to-day work life. Many Canadian communities hold community events such as cookouts or races in honor of the mountains.

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