Bernie Ecclestone – Former Formula One boss Leclerc & Co: “Nothing for anyone who relies on Ferrari!”

“Mistakes on the Ferrari are creepy again, reliability is reminiscent of the old days and drivers are not always sovereign. So Max already has an easy time with six wins at the Red Bull-Honda,” Ecclestone added.

After a fantastic start to the season, there is now disappointment in Scuderia. Charles Leklerk of Monaco, who has been at the top of the World Championship rankings for sometime, is third, 49 points behind defending champion Max Verstappen at the Red Bull.

At the Constructors’ Championship, they are currently 88 points behind the Red Bulls. Leklerk has only been on stage once in the last five races.

Canadian GP

‘Far from where we should be’: Russell is important despite the boom

15 hours ago

Ferrari’s failure rate in particular has increased significantly recently. Mercedes – despite all the Silver Arrows’ current problems – has so far brought two drivers to the finish line in every race, while Ferrari has already suffered five defeats on its account.

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