March 1, 2024

Bernie Ecclestone attacks Lewis Hamilton sharply and claims: Toto Wolff is tired of the record world champion

Bernie Ecclestone attacks Lewis Hamilton sharply and claims: Toto Wolff is tired of the record world champion

“He (Hamilton; editor’s note) has a fighting nature, but loses a little too easily for my taste,” added Ecclestone, who meanwhile offered Hamilton and Mercedes team boss Wolff a solution to the alleged dilemma.

“Louis could sell his seat to Toto: That’s how much I get, I’ll quit and give me half of what I’ll get.” Ecclestone explained that Toto could then make one of his magic deals and offer someone less money and keep the £20m.

With an estimated annual salary of £40m, Hamilton isn’t cheap for Mercedes.

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Since Wolff is also a shareholder in the Mercedes team and therefore would benefit financially from the cost savings himself, this scenario only makes sense according to Ecclestone: “No one should tell Toto, because he has already thought about it himself.”

Ecclestone praises Russell – full criticism of Hamilton

According to the former Formula 1 chief, the fact that his teammate George Russell has left the seven-time world champion so far this season is not only due to the impressive performance of the new Mercedes driver.

Ecclestone continued: “I didn’t think he was that good, but he did an excellent job. I’m surprised. Or is Lewis doing a bad job? A little of both.”

“I don’t think he’s actively helping George either. I don’t think he’s doing anything and I don’t think he cares much. He’s not willing to put in the effort to win like he always did before,” the 91-year-old continued the criticism.

Ecclestone is safe: Hamilton’s back problems just act

Ecclestone also didn’t want to let go of the fact that Hamilton suffers more from the “rebound” of the W13 holder: “It’s all absolute bullshit! George is bigger and if (backache; editor’s note) has ever happened to anyone, then yes, maybe he is.”

Speaking of the situation in Azerbaijan, when Hamilton could barely get out of the car due to the pain, the 91-year-old said: “Nigel Mansell was a little sassy. Nigel got out of the car and rubbed his left leg like his. He broke it. The next moment it was his right leg. “.

But Ecclestone disagreed not only with Hamilton’s sporty appearance: “I don’t know what he’s always looking for in these weird outfits. Does he have a business with her? Does he want attention with her? Maybe that’s why.”

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