June 14, 2024

Berlin: Statue Climatic Poster Artwork – 20 min


Smearing climate glue with ‘Stat 49’ – environmental politicians call it ‘bad business’

Once again, climate activists of the “last generation” have caused a stir in Germany. There is massive criticism of politics after an artwork near the Bundestag was smeared with black paint.


On Saturday, climate activists defaced an artwork showing the German Basic Law with black paint.

Twitter/Last Gen

  • A clima clipper smeared black paint on an artwork in Berlin on Saturday.

  • The panels not far from the Bundestag show the German Basic Law.

  • Online, the event is met almost exclusively with sharp criticism.

Last generation activists Black paint was poured on the monument with articles of the German Basic Law in the Bundestag in protest against the further use of fossil fuels such as oil. As announced by the police in Berlin, six people took part in the operation on Saturday morning. Emergency services identified their personal details and issued place references. Criminal investigations will also be initiated if necessary.

after whom The last generation in Twitter SMS service In addition to the posted photos and videos, the activists attached posters to several three-meter-high glass panels with etched articles from the Basic Law. Their slogan was “Oil or Fundamental Rights”? to read. Konstantin von Notz, deputy leader of the Greens and a member of the German Bundestag, wrote in response to the video: “What a bad job!”

The Basic Law also includes climate protection

In 2021, the Federal Constitutional Court found that the state is also obligated on the basis of Article 2 of the Basic Law to “protect life and health from the dangers of climate change.” According to the “last generation”, the federal government is fueling the climate catastrophe, and according to the climate protection law, it plans to make Germany climate-neutral by 2045.

She said the 1.5°C warming limit will be exceeded by 2030. “From this point on, we are at grave risk of crossing six irreversible climate tipping points – and then basic rights are threatened.”

‘Taliban style’

This action was also met with outrage from members of the Bundestag. The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael Roth (SPD), slammed the “cheap and indecent measure” on Twitter. Activists don’t care about basic rights, they destroy “Taliban-like” art. FDP MP Markus Faber wrote that Roth had brought criticism of the measure “to the point”.

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