November 29, 2023

Behringer relinquishes shares - Deggin becomes Bayern's new strongman - and returns the sport's total

Behringer relinquishes shares – Deggin becomes Bayern’s new strongman – and returns the sport’s total

  • David Degen acquires all shares of Bernhard Burgener in FC Basel. The ex-professional wants to change the ownership structure so that there is no major shareholder.
  • Additionally, Deggin installed a 6-member board of directors. Among them is former Bayern coach Christian Gross.
  • Deggin also confirmed in the media conference that coach Patrick Rehman will also be absent next season.

What was already suspected, Basel confirmed in their statement at noon on Tuesday: David Degen is acquiring all shares of President Bernard Burgener. After “many constructive discussions” and Degen promised to sell only shares to the “Basel solution”, this agreement was reached. The two parties agreed not to disclose any further details.

Degen’s equity stake is 91.96 percent. The goal is to split the securities so that there is no majority shareholder. In addition to the sword itself, roughly 92 percent are split between Marco Gadula, Andreas Ray and Johannes Barth. The board is occupied by former FCB coach Christian Gross, among others.

The new board of directors

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Bernard Burgner, along with his close friends Karl Odermatt and Peter von Buren, will leave the board of directors at the regular general meeting on June 15th. Among the seven people running for election, as well as former Basel coach Deggin Christian Gross and Rito Baumgartner, as well as a woman named Sophie Herzog. The former chairman of the association, Baumgartner, is set to be the new chairman. Other names for future management appointees are Johannes Barth, Marco Gadula, and Andreas Ray.

When asked by an SRF reporter, saying he was not fully cooperative at first with the “Degen solution,” Bürgner said, “I wanted the Basel Club delivered in good health. The captain does not leave the ship in a storm. The storm is gone. The outgoing owner Burgner said” of The important thing is to let the old stories rest and focus on the future. ”He thanked his successor, Degen Burgner, for the“ constructive conversations ”.



David DeGene (left) acquires Bernard Burgner shares.


The former FCB pavilion also commented on the following topics:

  • Patrick tire He will remain coach of Basel next season: “He is our main coach, and to this day he is doing a good job. He has earned confidence, but like everyone else, he has to continue to prove himself in the culture of performance.”
  • This leaves Roland Herry Executive Director? Probably not: “There will be talks with me and my team. Then we will continue.”
  • Office Chairman of the Board of Directors: “This is not one of the tasks that matches my core competencies. I want to contribute my sports experience. “
  • The Stock distribution: I will sell shares of my stakes in Marco Gadula, Johannes Barth and Andreas Ray. No one person can decide anymore in the future. “