Before Your Eyes can now be played exclusively on smartphones in the Netflix app

Darling BAFTA Award-winning critics before your eyes From GoodbyeWorld Games and publisher Skybound Games, it is now playable on mobile devices thanks to an exclusive partnership with Netflix and is included in your Netflix subscription at no additional cost. To celebrate the release of before your eyes Also at 50% for the next 10 days steam drop.

before your eyes The perfect title to play on the go, combining innovative flash mechanics, an enchanting world, and an all-audio story. So now players can experience this sympathetic and relatable story anywhere. With 15 awards and nominations to date, the title has been a huge hit for gamers of all ages and is now accessible to an even larger audience thanks to Netflix.

“We designed ‘in front of your eyes’ for everyone to play, not just experienced players. So we don’t think there’s a better place for a title than Netflix and mobile,” said Graham Parks, lead writer and creative director. Day, so we wanted to use this technology to immerse players in the lives of their characters and help shape the story.”

in before your eyes Players will meet the ferryman tasked with finding spirits with extraordinary lives in order to bring them to the afterlife. As players make their way to their final port, they think about their character’s life. From the most important decisions to the character-defining moments, everything is controlled through the player’s eyes. Through the phone’s camera, each flash advances the story. This way, players literally experience the story through the character’s eyes as they relive each memory and make important decisions along the way.

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For more information about before your eyes, visit Steam . StoreAs well as through social media channels TwitterAnd the FacebookAnd the discordAnd the Youtube.

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