December 1, 2023

Before Slalom 2 in Levi - Children's poles of Holdner - Not too deep valleys in Jezzine - sport

Before Slalom 2 in Levi – Children’s poles of Holdner – Not too deep valleys in Jezzine – sport


Wendy Holder will run her first race of the season in Levi, Finland. Michelle Jessen has “fantastic” memories.

“When I trained on baby poles again on day one, the uncertainty was gone,” says Wendy Holder, looking back at her first true curves after a wrist injury. That was a week before Levi’s first slalom race. It was then that she began to think that she could compete in races in Finland. When the doctor gave her the go-ahead, she was skeptical at first.

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We’ll show you the women’s slalom in Levi, Finland, on Saturday and Sunday from 10:20 a.m. (Run 2 at 1:20 p.m.) on SRF Zwei and live on the SRF Sports app.

In the training sessions, the pain finally disappeared. “The start is still a bit uncoordinated,” Holder says with a smile in regards to the stick strokes. In her daily life, the 28-year-old has noticed that her wrists still need time. So skating is possible, but presumably the simpler movements still pose problems, as the following photos show.

Despite the quarrels, Holdner wants to “attack, step on the gas” and “involve” Levi. Of course, this is my placement: “I also want to see where I am.” She’s basically happy to be in Levi’s.

Jizen with memories of the podium

Michelle Gezen has already run one race. Your season opener with 25th place in the Giant Slalden slalom shouldn’t have been the best. After a difficult summer and because the 27-year-old had glandular fever, But Jizen already felt like a winner because of the participation.

The ups and downs are now less dangerous, especially since the valleys are no longer quite deep. Expecting a podium finish like last year (second place in the second slalom) would be an assumption. “It was great to be able to drive that way at the time,” Gezen looks back. She especially remembered that she was so happy after the first round that she finally saw a green time for the first time in her career.

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