May 23, 2024

Beautiful moon photos: Is Samsung cheating with the zoom feature?

One of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s biggest selling points: its 100x zoom. Samsung wants to win customers over with excellent satellite shots of the Earth in particular. In fact, pictures of the moon circulating on the web taken with a smartphone show a remarkably high level of detail.

Now there are allegations that the smartphone or Samsung is messing with these photos.

The fact that artificial intelligence plays a significant role in image optimization is nothing new. Now, however, the moon photos taken with the zoom should be more AI-enhanced than Samsung has announced.

A Reddit user did the test: he downloaded a high-resolution image of the moon and resized it to 170 by 170 pixels. In addition, he has applied Gaussian blur so every detail is really lost.

Then he showed the image full screen on his screen, moved to the other end of the room and zoomed in. Then press the shutter button. The scanned image is miles away from the original.

“Samsung’s moon photos are fake, the marketing is misleading,” the Reddit user concludes. This way, details not already in the image will be added when the image is created. This far exceeds the usual AI optimization of smartphone photos.

The Reddit post has already been clicked tens of thousands of times and has been quoted in a number of media outlets. It remains to be seen how and if Samsung will take a position on this matter.

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