#beatthedate: 247,141.6 kilometers increasing expectations for the 2022 Hanover Marathon

Everything stays in motion: What the organizers Eichels-Event did as a replacement after the second cancellation of the HAJ Hannover Marathon in a row can be considered a smash hit. For 30 days, more than 3,000 athletes gathered kilometers under the #beatthedate banner – based on the date of the originally planned competition. Distances were grouped for the same.


It should have been 180,421 kilometers – it has become 247,141.6. “It really makes us proud and happy,” said Stephanie Eschil, president of the organization. “This encouragement strengthens us and gives us a lot of strength and courage to endure necessary.”

So the relationship with the marathon was not affected. Instead, the family appears to have grown with the #stayathome campaign last year and now #beatthedate. Especially since it is not only jogging and gathering in Hanover and all over Germany, but also in Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Ireland, Canada and even in Kenya. In Four Days of Banners, they put themselves in disguise, with Timo Hawke calling the bird the role of a thousand.

What remains is to watch out for next year. Because on April 3, 2022, the 30th edition of HAJ Hanover Marathon should finally take off. And together.

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