July 13, 2024

Bears’ Ryan Pace explains how things stand with Allen Robinson

Bears’ Ryan Pace explains how things stand with Allen Robinson

Buried in today’s disastrous press conference, GM Bears Ryan Pace spoke briefly about where things stand with Allen Robinson. The broad recipient contract is set to expire when the league year ends, and you’ll remember conversations about an extension didn’t go through smoothly. Speaking to the media about his contract status while cleaning a Bears locker room, Robinson not only made the “fifth pleading” when asked about the possibility of the privilege being tagged on him, but he was upfront about his disappointment in not getting something done yet.

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“I don’t know how it will affect or not,” Robinson said regarding his relationship with the team. “But at the same time, from my point of view, I personally feel that we have had the opportunity to be able to accomplish something in the past 365 days. But again, I don’t know that this affects me as much as but things are going.”

The assumption was that the two sides hadn’t spoken much since the start of the season, especially when Robinson said he was turning his attention to the regular season. When asked where the talks were going, Pace told a slightly different story.

“Those are all the things that we have to work on and I’m thinking about the list of things that we need to talk about outside the season,” he said on Wednesday. “Obviously this is a big decision and a big part of it.” “You know how we feel about Allen, and how respectful he is in the building. But for the details of his contract, you guys also know that I’m not going to touch that. Regarding the franchise brand, I will say that everything is on the table. The league gives us tools for a reason but in time. At the moment we will keep all those internal conversations out of respect for Ellen and respect for his agent. I just think it’s best to deal with it in a special way. ”

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What does this mean? nothing! Is there anything to be extracted from Pace’s answer? Probably not! I don’t mean to kick you all down, but it definitely doesn’t look like Alan Robinson’s future is in Chicago. But the culture is still as strong as ever!