December 10, 2023

BC Curler helps Canada win the World Wheelchair Championship

BC Curler helps Canada win the World Wheelchair Championship

After Canada opened the 2021 Kuntai Group World Curling Championships on Saturday with a loss to the United States, Canada rebounded with two wins on Sunday, October 24; victorious over Switzerland and China.

Ina Forrest of Spallumcheen, three-time world champion, throws the third stone and serves as the deputy captain of Team Canada.

“We are thrilled to be included in the winning column,” said Canadian Mark Edison. “It’s been a long time since we’ve been in a competitive environment so we knew there was going to be rust.”

Canada started the first match of the day without the last stones against Switzerland. After Canada forced the Swiss to win one at the first end, Canada responded with a score of two and then stole two at the third end.

The two sides exchanged singles for the remainder of the match, resulting in Canada’s 6–3 victory.

Canada faced China in the second draw of the day, this time with a hammer. Canada settled into three finals before China finished fourth, leading 1-0. Canada responded with a score of 2, steals, and went up 3-1. They forced China to take one in the sixth and one in the seventh. Canada managed to break the rocks in eighth to claim their second win of the day 4-2.

For all the teams, this is more than just a world championship. This is a rehearsal for the Paralympic Games. The venue is the same building where the Paralympic Games will be held in March 2022. Canada has already qualified for the Games.

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Canada will start playing against Sweden and Scotland on Monday. With tourist options restricted in Beijing due to COVID-19, they can chat safely in the meantime.

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