BB-8: ANA retired Boeing 777 with Star Wars livery

ANA All Nippon Airways’ Star Wars fluffy livers are a favorite. But one of them has now taken off for the last time.

BB-8 is one of the most charming characters in the new Star Wars universe. So charming that it quickly became a new fan favorite. In Japan, the rolling robot was so honored that ANA All Nippon Airways dedicated a special plaque to it. The Boeing 777-300 ER with registration number JA789A flew across the world twice as much as BB-8. But this is over now.

As ANA announced on Twitter, the aircraft will be grounded. The airline has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and had to rethink its fleet strategy. The pilot, who was still relatively young at the age of twelve, apparently fell victim to this.

Farewell trips

After all, the airline gave fans the chance to see BB-8 take off again — or even fly with them themselves. The Boeing 777 made four farewell flights on March 31. Those lucky enough to board the plane were given a special boarding pass and other mementos.

In addition to the BB-8, there are two more Star Wars aircraft in the ANA fleet. The more famous and equally cute R2-D2, the six-year-old Dreamliner, and the wealthy C-3PO, are also flying aboard a Boeing 777. However, they are currently discontinued.

Take a look at the Star Wars fleet in the gallery above.

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