Bayern Munich: Hollywood’s new deal for record champions Sports

Bayern is the leader in the league with 52 points and is comfortable in the quarter-finals of the Champions League after its victory over Paris (2-0).

In order to continue Bayern’s future success, the Munich team is investing in youth development.

In an interview with BILD, Bayern coach Oliver Kahn revealed which American club Bavaria FC Hollywood is allied with to develop new talent.

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Bild: Mr. Kahn, Bayern Munich enter into a surprising joint venture with MLS champions Los Angeles. What is behind the collaboration?

Oliver Kahn (53): “The primary objective of our youth work is to develop talents for our professional team. In the meantime, we are affected by the uncontrolled development of the further increase in transfer fees and player salaries in Europe. It remains to be seen when the new UEFA Financial Sustainability Regulations (Financial Sustainability, ed.) will come into force. Until Then, it will be difficult for us to get the best players. They are often asked: What can Bayern do about it?”

Bild: Your answer?

barge: “For example, train more and more talented people intensively. To do this, we need to expand our field to promote young talents and become more international. In this way, we increase the chance of winning outstanding players for our professional team through our youth development.”

Bild: Why did you choose Los Angeles, of all places?

barge: “Because it is a very ambitious club in terms of sport. LAFC also has a similar strategy when it comes to talent development. And of course it is important in a project like this to work with a strong partner in terms of sport and business. And that is Los Angeles Football Club.”

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Bild: How does Bayern benefit?

barge: “By acquiring more quality football for our team in training and not transfer costs. In addition, we will be able to offer our talents a better career path at Bayern Munich’s youth academy with the opportunity to gain more match training. The goal is always to train players in football.” Professionalism – ideally for a professional Bayern Munich team.”

Bild: And what appearance in the Bavarian regional league is no longer enough for that?

barge: “The jump from the fourth and third pro leagues has become very big. That is why we have to offer our talented people other attractive options for their further development. That is exactly what we can do now.”

Bild: How does the talent from Los Angeles benefit in return?

barge: LAFC is also expanding its pool of potential MLS professionals through collaborations with FC Bayern and partner clubs. This dual support – local and international – gives you the opportunity to show your talents on campus, where excellent work is done. Josip Stanisic, Jamal Musiala and Alfonso Davies are players on campus. The next talents on the way to the pros are Paul Waner and Arjun Ibrahimovic. The campus remains the heart of training our young talent.”

Bild: Does the issue of outdoor marketing also play a role in the decision about Los Angeles?

barge: “We have had an office in New York since 2014. The new collaboration will strengthen our presence in the United States. The United States is exciting for us – especially with regard to the 2026 World Cup, most of which will be held there (along with Mexico and Canada, ed.). Against this background, We expect a strengthening of the quality of MLS – and an intensification of the promotion of young talent. This will also have a positive impact on our partnership.”

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BILD: The Red Bull Group is taking a similar approach when it comes to talent with the international merger of RB Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg, New York Red Bulls and Red Bull Brasil from Campinas…

barge: “As a traditional, progressive club, we are going our own way, the FC Bayern way, in order to be able to survive in international competition. This means that there will certainly be no clubs in the USA, South America or anywhere else with the FC Bayern logo. “These clubs have their own history, regional identity and roots. It must remain that way. We are only interested in finding partners on the basis of talent development who are compatible with us in terms of their coaching philosophy, their ideas about football and their values. Since coaching is always about responsibility towards youth, a code of values ​​is being developed.” into the joint venture and bring them into cooperation.”

Bild: According to ESPN, you are already negotiating the next partnership with Club Atletico River Plate from Montevideo.

barge: “It is true that we are in preliminary talks in Uruguay.”

Bild: When will the new partnership with Los Angeles begin to bear fruit with the talents that made it to the Bundesliga?

barge: “It won’t happen tomorrow, you can’t be naive. But we assume that this will be the case in the medium term.”

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Bild: Shouldn’t the Bayern way be the Bundesliga way too given the Premier League’s financial superiority?

It was: “Each club has to decide for itself which path to take. We are convinced that this path is a good one for Bayern.”

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