December 9, 2023


Bayer AG Shares: Important Announcement Regarding Our Own Shares!

Notice of significant holdings

1. Information about the issuer: Name Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, with registered office at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 1, 51373 Leverkusen Germany. Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 549300J4U55H3WP1XT59

2. Acquisition/disposal of voting shares and acquisition/disposal of instruments of voting rights allocation is a reason for reporting.

3. Information about the person subject to the reporting obligation: Legal entity Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.


4. Names of shareholders directly holding 3% or more of the voting rights, if different from 3.

5. The date on which the limit is exceeded or reached is 08/02/2022.

Bayer AG rating
Bayer AG rating as of August 5, 2022: 4 points out of 8!

6. Cumulative Positions.


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7. DETAILS OF GROSS PRODUCTS a. Voting rights attached to shares (ยงยง 33, 34 WpHG).

8. Information about the person subject to the reporting obligation: The person subject to the reporting obligation is not directly or indirectly (1.) controlled or controlled by any other entity having an interest in the issuer.

9. In the case of proxy voting according to Section 34 (3) WpHG (only in the case of assignment of voting rights according to Section 34 (1) sentence 1 No. 6 WpHG)

10. Other explanatory notes: Dated August 04, 2022.