May 21, 2024

Bavaria: Anti-conspiracy podcast series – Bavaria

When it comes to secret societies, Freemasons and the Illuminati, they are usually in the past. If you do not immediately drive them into the realm of legends. However, the conspiracy stories that arose from this could not be brushed off. Did the Freemasons assassinate Kennedy? Are they responsible for the world wars with the Illuminati?

Stories like this keep coming. And in recent years, they have found fertile ground, often with regard to anti-Semitism, among the citizens of the Reich or the QAnon movement. Both groups speak of a “deep state” or shadow state ruling Germany or America. And about the fact that this shadow condition must be eradicated.

The fact that this is more than just the talk of the big raid showed a group of Reich citizens about Henry XIII. Prince Royce show last December. Because: the group was planning a violent coup. A story that feels like a conspiracy story in and of itself. This is why they appear just like the Freemasons and the Illuminati in the Bavarian Academy of Sciences’ four-part podcast series on “conspiracy myths”. “Secret Societies – Freemasons, Illuminati, Citizens of the ReichI mean, under the first Plus, part of the BAdW cast series that can be found on Spotify & Co. , for which digital communications speakers Laura Räuber and Ruth Zapf are responsible. The following sections will be about antisemitism, hate speech, and climate change denial.

Citizens of the Reich as a secret society? Well, the band around Prince Reuss, recruited from personnel of the German Armed Forces, among other things, fit into the picture with their coup fantasies. And after listening to the podcast, it can be said that he was or is more dangerous than the Freemasons. Their ideals have always included humanity and tolerance, one might say of two “old masters”. Freemason’s Lodge Lessing of the Flaming Star I learned from Munich. And how can you hear the two gentlemen talking about the relationship between the Freemasons and the Craftsmen’s Guilds. About men’s, women’s and mixed hostels in Munich. Then this looks like a rather harmless club. The rest belonged to the realm of legend.

Adolph Freiherr Knigge was also a member of the Illuminati

The matter is different with the Illuminati system and its founder: the philosopher and ecclesiastical lawyer Adam Weishaupt from Ingolstadt, about whom Olaf Simons from Erfurt tells more details. Weishaupt wanted to create a republican empire of reason. Masonic lodges have been hacked. With the help of Adolph Freiherr Knigge, who joined the Illuminati in 1780, the order secured key positions in science. It’s interesting how close the “beautiful” world is to the subversive position of the Illuminati. For example, Goethe also belonged to the Illuminati, although he is not an active member. And the musicologist Helmut Perl is sure: Mozart was also an enlightener.

Laura Rauber and Ruth Zappf, who, as they reveal, sit “in the smallest desk” at the Academy of Sciences, tell a lot about it themselves. Which probably isn’t one of the biggest budgets out there either. The sound effects sound rather simple and predictable. For example, a cow can be heard at the word “earth,” and a croaking sound can be heard from far away when the phrase “like a wildfire” is heard. This can be said in a very similar way: I have heard a lot about the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

However, the scholars involved, including historians Helmut Renalter and Barbara Stolberg-Rellinger, offer not only expertise, but also diversity. It is also interesting that Räuber and Zapf include the history of the Academy of Sciences, which was also infiltrated by the Illuminati at that time. And it remains interesting to hear how they ultimately relate to climate change deniers.

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BAdW Cast “Legends of Conspiracy” Under It can be found on the usual streaming services.