July 14, 2024

Battlefield 6 can come without a single player campaign

Battlefield 6 can come without a single player campaign

The announcement for Battlefield 6 is still pending. An insider now wants to know about the missing single-player campaign in the next title.

The basics are in brief

  • Before the end of this year, the popular series will enter the next round with Battlefield 6.
  • However, the title must first come without a classic single-player campaign.
  • One insider doubts this based on a lack of evidence.

It should be soon Perhaps the official announcement It comes from Battlefield 6 and reveals new information. Even now there are still rumors and doubts about the title. An insider now explains that this generation may be missing a traditional part of the game.

Where’s the Battlefield 6 campaign?

Tom Henderson, who has leaked earlier games in the past, is speaking now Twitter About the new title in the Battlefield series. It is noted in the current annual reports from she There are no references to a single player campaign. This is the first time that the developer has not talked about the campaign in advance.

This doesn’t confirm yet that there will be no such thing, but it definitely sounds strange. Henderson also says this may mean something, but it may not easily have another significance. Actually like it For the campaign look, It will likely not appear until the announcement of Battlefield 6.

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