December 6, 2023

BASF sells its kaolin mineral business –


The majority of the group’s kaolin activities are located in the United States. (Photo: BASF)

Kaolin, also known as Chinese clay, is a white, chemically inert, non-kaolinite clay rock that has other beneficial properties. Products made of metal are used, for example, as a catalyst for crude oil cracking, but also for production From paper, paints and pesticides used.

Activity Center in Georgia

BASF’s kaolin business is part of the Performance Chemicals division and employs approximately 440 people, and last year generated sales of approximately €155 million in 2020. Sale includes the manufacturing center with locations in Daveyville, Toddville, Edgar and Gordon and associated mines, deposits and mills In Toomsboro and Sandersville, Georgia.

On the other hand, on-site refinery catalyst production remains part of the BASF refinery catalyst business. In addition to Georgia, the kaolin business also includes several customer care centers in the United States, Singapore, and Finland, as well as laboratories in Charlotte and Shanghai. The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2022.

An “important step” for the wallet

Dr. explained. Marcus Camith is responsible for the Industrial Solutions segment on the BASF Board of Executive Directors. Dr. added. Thomas Kloster, Head of Performance Chemicals.

For the American company Kamin, the acquisition will enable it to “diversify into growth-oriented markets.” The company mines, produces, and sells its mineral products at its three U.S. plants in Macon, Sandersville, and Reigns, near former BASF sites in Georgia. The company’s international production and processing facilities are located in Brazil and Belgium.

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