July 12, 2024

Basel also confirms the Omicron case

Basel also confirms the Omicron case

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) confirmed the first cases of coronavirus using the Omikron variant in Switzerland. Now Basel also confirmed the case.

The basics in brief

  • BAG confirmed on Twitter that the first cases of Omikron appeared in Switzerland.
  • The test was sequenced.
  • The canton of Basel-Stadt has also reported one case.

On Sunday, BAG reported the first possible case of Omikron in Switzerland. Today the Federal Office of Public Health surrenders Twitter Known: Two cases have been confirmed, and sequencing has been completed.

in a the injured They are people who came back from South Africa about a week ago. The issues are linked.

A little later, Basel also confirmed Omicron’s case. As the cantonal health ministry wrote in a letter, the person is in isolation. The contact tracing team is busy taking the necessary measures and preparing more quarantine procedures.

It is not known if the case is related to the cases reported by the FBI. The canton wants to provide more information on Wednesday.

The coronavirus boom first appeared in South Africa. There are about 80 percent of the counties in two regions New infections on the omicron return it. The Who is the Concerns that this new mutant will significantly reduce vaccination protection.

Are you afraid of the new Omicron variant?

Overall, the mutation appeared just over 40 times in I in, including in various countries neighboring Switzerland: Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, Scotland and Italy.

Belgium took first place on Friday IThe state has reported a confirmed case. French The authorities are chained Of the eight suspected cases. There are now around 13 people in the Netherlands who test positive. They were all on the same flight back from South Africa.

Austria confirmed a suspected case in Tirol on Monday. The same applies to the Czech Republic. Denmark has so far confirmed two cases of Omicron. There are three cases in Great Britain, nine in Scotland and four in Italy.

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