Barcelona farewell fixed: Philippe Coutinho moves to England – football

Philippe Coutinho found a new club!

Barcelona Football Club said it has reached an agreement with Premier League club Aston Villa over the loan of the Brazilian international. Barcelona announced on Friday that the former Bayern Munich player will be tentatively loaned to Aston Villa until the end of the current season, and the agreement also includes a purchase option. Initially, nothing was reported about the financial details of the agreement. Barcelona only wrote that Aston Villa will pay “a part” of Coutinho’s salary.

The contract is still subject to the requirement for the 29-year-old to pass a medical examination and obtain a UK work permit. Liverpool coach Steven Gerrard has played with Coutinho and is said to have had a huge impact on the midfielder, who has been with Barcelona since January 2018. FC Barcelona wrote that Coutinho will travel to Birmingham “in the next few hours”.


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Source: BILD

FC Barcelona wants Coutinho, who was unable to beat the Camp Nou and took the Bayern Munich award in the second half of the 2019/20 season, from his salary. The club, which is heavily indebted with 1.35 billion euros, must reduce its salary if it wants to sign new players in the winter transfer window or in the summer.


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