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Barack Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog “Bo” has died

Many American Presidents took their dogs to the White House, but Boo was by far the most popular. Barack Obama announced on Twitter on Saturday in heartbreaking words that the four-legged friend is now dead. “Our family today lost a loyal friend and companion,” the former US president wrote on Twitter.

The former “first dog” was 13 years old

Obama writes: “For more than a decade, Poe has been graciously present in our lives – happy to see us on our good days, our bad days, and every day in between.” With all the commotion that came with life in the White House, the dog barked but didn’t bite, and liked to jump into the pool in the summer. He also lived at the table eating leftovers and had “great hair”. “We will miss him badly.”

Michelle Obama, 57, said Poe, born in 2008, had cancer. It was a difficult time for the family when they said goodbye to their “best friends”.

“The first dog”, Deir Nation

Obama fulfilled his campaign promise to his daughters Sasha and Malia in 2009 and made the black and white curly-haired dog the nation’s “number one” dog. The first lady at the time, Michelle Obama, also referred to Poe as a “son.” Poe was not Obama’s only dog ​​in the White House; He joined Sunny – also Portuguese water dog – in 2013.

Pets – especially dogs – have a long history in the White House that current President Joe Biden continues. Biden has two German Shepherds, a pioneer and a champ. A screenshot will be added soon. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, was the first president of the United States in modern history whose family did not have a dog.

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