December 2, 2023

Bandai Namco gives Let Me Solo Her a sword as a gift

Bandai Namco gives Let Me Solo Her a sword as a gift

From Oliver Jaeger
The Elden Ring legend “Let Me Solo Her” was given a buzz a few months ago with its quirky appearance in the Soulsborne game, and has now been given a personal sword including other Elden Ring accessories by publisher Bandai Namco. Let Me Solo Her is famous for helping other games fight Malenia.

Elden Ring player “Let Me Solo Her”, dubbed “KleinTsuboi” on Twitter, achieved fame and glory in the open-world RPG community a few months ago. In April, Let Me Solo Her appeared on the Elden Ring And help the desperate players defeat Malinia, the sword of Mikaela.

Oddly enough is his behavior, for let me alone, armed with katanas, wear only a bowl on his head and underpants when confronted with his boss. His game name comes from the fact that he single-handedly defeated Malinia – and has now done so more than 2,000 times. Since then, some painting art is said to have accumulated and early imitators have appeared.

Let Me Solo Her gets a sword from Bandai Namco

In fact, it seems that the player caused such a stir that developer and publisher Bandai Namco noticed him and, moreover, rewarded him with many gifts. The gift was sent back in May, and the gift is said to have arrived in the US, where KleinTsuboi is based, at the end of June due to some delivery issues.

This package, sent by Bandai Namco, was said to be one of 40 packages released to Elden Ring, PC Gamer reports. The following Elden Ring accessories are included in Little Tsuboi’s packaging:

  • A congratulatory message from Bandai Namco.
  • Wood carving depicting Malinia.
  • Map of the lands between.
  • Cloak with buckle closure.
  • A sword engraved with the words “Rise deformed”.

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The latter is definitely the highlight of the pack, although Little Tsuboi explained via Reddit that the sword blade is quite sharp, but he believes it was created from just one piece of metal from the tip of the blade to the back of the handle. On Twitter, KleinTsuboi aka Let Me Solo Her thanked Bandai Namco for the gift and shared photos of the contents of the package. Plus, he chatted out of the box and reported on his experiences with Soulsborne games and that he almost threw in the towel in Dark Souls 3. Fortunately, as it turns out, he let it go.

source: KleinTsuboi on Twitter Across Computer game lovers

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