July 15, 2024

BAG puts Canada on its list of countries at risk

BAG puts Canada on its list of countries at risk

Federal President Guy Parmelin (SVP) took a “guided tour” of Zurich airport on Thursday. After visiting the deserted spectator’s balcony, the canton of Zurich confronted him with his demands.

The check-in halls are still practically deserted. Aircraft noise is hard to hear. Parmlin told the media that the tour is informative and interesting. The effects of the epidemic on the canton of Zurich are enormous. “The Federal Council and I are well aware of this.”

The relief that became known on Wednesday is a “slight improvement in the situation” for Parmelin, and he especially hopes to get a vaccination. “But we have to be careful.”

Federal President Guy Parmelin on Thursday in Zurich. (Image: Keystone)

However, “caution” is not really the content of the demands made by Parmelin at the time by Zurich airport and the business and tourism associations. Under the heading “Back in the Air”, Zurich Airport has formulated three measures through which Switzerland should find “a return to freedom of travel”.

The first condition is to waive travel restrictions between countries with similar risk of infection. The second is free travel for all passengers who have been vaccinated, cured, or tested negative. A PCR test is no longer necessary as a guide, a rapid antigen test should suffice. The third requirement is a digital certificate of vaccination.

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