November 28, 2023

Back to Monkey Island: The first screenshots of the game have been released

Back to Monkey Island: The first screenshots of the game have been released

from Michael Misculin
Ron Gilbert has now posted the first in-game screenshots to recently announce the return to Monkey Island. It shows the graphic style of point and click adventure, which is similar to the graphic style of advertising trailer.

What initially seemed like an April Fools joke has come true: Ron Gilbert announces return to Monkey Island on April 1 A new adventure for the pirate Guybrush Threepwood. A few days later, he posted his first official trailer. The game aims to continue the classic point-and-click era of the first two Monkey Island titles. Along with creator Ron Gilbert, co-writer Dave Grossman is also returning. In an interview with The Verge, the two revealed new information and released the first screenshots of the game.

Early in development, Gilbert and Grossman thought about how to create a new Monkey Island game with a dual audience. One of the camps is made up of loyal fans of Monkey Island and the original Monkey Island must be developed for them. In the second camp are people who have never played Monkey Island but may have heard of it. The accessibility of this group should be improved. This also means a challenge in terms of the story. For example, Gilbert just wants to explain inside jokes in a natural way so that no one is left behind.

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Developing Thimbleweed Park a few years ago, Ron Gilbert scaled it down a bit because he felt it had to stick to some classic adventure conventions. On the other hand, with Return to Monkey Island, developers feel more freedom – especially in terms of the new graphic style and interface. They also had the opportunity to dissect point-and-click type and re-examine all conventions. The developers have also thought about console players with controllers and how this gameplay can be reconciled with classic mouse control. An interview by two Monkey Island makers with The Verge provides more anecdotes and field reports and is well worth a read.

source: the edge