May 22, 2024

‘Awaken the longing’: Are beauty filters making you mentally ill? Influencer Diaz will ban them

“awaken the longing”

Do beauty filters make you a psychopath? Influencer Diaz will ban them

The new “Bold Glamor” beauty filter pretends to be something far fetched. Content creator and writer Morena Diaz is convinced of this. She sounds the alarm. According to psychotherapist Felix Hoff, filters feed new longings that are difficult to treat.


According to experts, TikTok’s “Bold Glamor” filter can fuel more desires. (Icon picture)

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  • Tiktok’s “Bold Glamor” filter has gone viral.

  • More than 14 million users have already uploaded a video with this filter.

  • Creator Morena Diaz finds a problem with the filter because it looks so real.

  • According to the psychotherapist, the filter is especially dangerous for children from 12 to 25 years old.

  • It appeals to parents to control and limit their children’s consumption of social media in a timely manner.

Bold Glamor is a cutting edge app Artificial intelligence technology, which digitally manipulates and adapts a user’s facial features to current ideals of beauty. The filter is everywhere on Tiktok — and it pushes young women to plastic surgeons or to a plastic surgeon. Thanks to the filter, the cheekbones appear higher, the nose is narrower, and the skin is poreless. Also a content creator and writer Morena Diaz Test the filter.

Morena Diaz, how do you love yourself with the “Bold Glamor” filter?

I look terrible with the new filter. I also tested filters which I found nicer than no filter. The “Bold Glamor” filter makes my round face look a lot narrower and my lips look a lot fuller. I think I look very manly.

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Morena Diaz, 14.5 million people have already uploaded a video with the “Bold Glamor” filter on Tiktok. Why do you think this filter is so popular?

You can live a brief moment of unattainable beauty on social media. operations It costs a lot of money. Not everyone can afford it. the filter He pretends to be something almost unattainable. Beauty ideals are largely shaped by the Kardashians and they also have an influence on social media filters.

In psychiatrist Felix Hoff’s consulting hours, social media became a constant topic. Tiktok filters are also sometimes handled which is a big deal.

Felix Hoff, what is the problem with the Bold Glamor filter from a psychological point of view?

Tiktok filters create a new reality and can fuel more longing. When people realize that they can never live up to this ideal, it saddens and upsets them. Some of my patients suffer from this. But it’s very hard to approach this therapeutically, because people want so badly to be in the world of social media.

Felix Hoff, who suffers from it in the first place?

Those between the ages of 15 and 22 are particularly affected. You are in the identification process. Filters like the “Bold Glamor” filter complicate their evolution. From a therapeutic point of view, the “bold glamor” filter is not useful for children and teens and is very problematic. This is not the case with adults, as their self-image is created and they can perceive filters like Bold Glamor more as a gimmick.

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Felix Hoff Bold Glamor filter makes the face look narrower. Do you see a connection between filters and eating disorders?

No, I can’t see any direct connection yet. But I see the tremendous pressure that young men want to conform to a certain body plan. For example, a young man eats only once a day because otherwise he feels obese. My patients see a lot of pictures of corpses on social media that match the supposed ideal. The pressure may increase.

Morena Diaz, what are the risks if users only use filters on social media platforms in the future?

Of course I would find it very, very sad. I’m a big fan of nature, but we’re getting further and further away from real faces. We create a fake imaginary world. I’m going to block all these filters because they put people under the pressure of being beautiful and they don’t like the way they look anymore.

Tips on how not to be affected by these filters

  • Decide who follows
    Morena Diaz recommends that you remove unnatural people from your followers and instead follow people who sometimes appear unadorned.

  • Always remember that anything can be fake
    “Fortunately, Instagram Stories and Tiktok show that you are using a filter. Filters that distort reality. But third-party software like Photoshop can also change an image in seconds without announcing it on social media,” says Diaz.

  • Pay attention to the dose
    Psychotherapist Felix Hoff appeals to parents to control screen time. For children ages 14 to 16, he recommends they spend a maximum of two hours a day on their mobile phones. Addiction can easily result from constant interaction.

  • Set a healthy distance
    “If you classify filters as a gimmick, that’s okay. Users should be aware that filters can never correspond to reality.”

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