May 22, 2024

AVM begins testing new functionality update 7.51 for the FritzBox 7490

Finally, the AVM network specialist is becoming popular Fritz Box 7490 Included in the beta lab tests of the new FritzOS 7.50. The company had already confirmed at the beginning of the year that the 7490 would receive the functionality update.

Now it can be tested hard. The first FritzBox 7490 beta has the number 07.51-102214. This shows that this router will soon receive an already revised version of the new FritzOS.

There are a number of other improvements. According to the release notes, this includes, for example, improved multi-IP packet forwarding between WLAN devices. In addition, AVM has increased interoperability when using encrypted telephony.

We hope for the quick release for all 7490 users

However, the late start of testing does not mean that FritzBox 7490 users now have to wait several more months for the final update to roll out for them. As a general rule, the testing phases of devices that are included in the laboratory at a late stage are very short. The beta update for the two routers brings a variety of improvements and also fixes some bugs. Since these are the first beta versions, the list of innovations and changes is quite long. All information about the update can be found on the AVM website. All updates can be initiated via the FritzBox user interface’s online update function, menu item “Advanced / FRITZ! OS file” ( You download it for that Update the package from the lab website And select the download path to start the update.

These innovations are coming

Top new features include WireGuard support for easy VPN connection setup, caller announcement, improved WiFi performance, and an improved Fritz web user interface. Fritz Lab versions are currently available for a number of AVM devices. These devices include the FritzBoxes 7590 AX, 7530, and 6591 Cable, as well as the FritzRepeater 2400. So far, only the final update has been released for the FritzBox 7590. More issues are expected in January 2023.

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