April 13, 2024

Austrian Airlines deposits the second Boeing 767

Austrian Airlines deposits the second Boeing 767

On April 28, Austrian Airlines called a second Boeing 767 from its fleet, as if from one Airline press release Shows. The 30-year-old Boeing 767 is leaving the fleet as part of the fleet downsizing decision.

In April of last year, Austrian Airlines announced a 25 percent reduction in its fleet. In the context of this fleet reduction, the airline has decided to terminate the Airbus A319, Dash 8 and Boeing 767 aircraft. A third Boeing 767 will follow this year.

Boeing 767 aircraft with more than 133,600 flight hours

Austrian Airlines has a long-haul fleet with the highest average age of the three major airlines in the Lufthansa Group. The average lifespan of six Boeing 767s is approximately 25 years. Austrian Airlines sells the three oldest aircraft. The oldest Boeing 767 with registration OE-LAT and the name “Thailand” left the fleet this year. Lauda Air acquired the aircraft in 1991 before Austrian Airlines acquired it in 2004.

Austrian Airlines Boeing 767
Bild: Austrian Airlines

On April 28, it was time – the registered Boeing 767 OE-LAX followed “Thailand” in the direction of the USA. A Boeing 767 departs from Vienna Schwechat under flight number OS1411 in the direction of Bangor in the US state of Maine – customs clearance is performed here. The Boeing 767 then flies to the destination airport at Oscoda-Wursmith in the US state of Michigan under flight number OS1413. The aircraft can look back to the past in an impressive history. A Boeing 767 was delivered to Lauda Air in 1992 and its older sister followed suit to Austrian Airlines as part of the Lauda Air merger. As announced by the airline, Boeing has more than 133,600 flight hours and 19,600 landings. This means that the plane has been in the air for about 15 years.

Will Dreamliner follow the Boeing 767?

A third Boeing 767 will follow this year. The remaining three Boeing 767s are between 20 and 22 years old and will remain in the small long-haul fleet for the time being. Austria will maintain the relatively old Boeing 777-200ER fleet for the time being. Additionally, the airline could have legitimate hopes for a fleet augmentation. Lufthansa currently holds orders for 20 Dreamliners and 20 Boeing 777Xs, as well as 14 aircraft as options. Since Lufthansa wants to rely on fuel-efficient aircraft like the Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X in the long term, it is conceivable at least that Lufthansa will leave a small portion of the 787 order for Austrian Airlines. For now, this is speculation – nothing has been confirmed here. The Dreamliner can look good on Austrian Airlines faces and sustainably boost the profitability of the long-haul fleet.

Conclusion regarding the adoption of the second Boeing 767 aircraft

With a Boeing 767, a veteran departs the small long-haul fleet of Austrian Airlines. After more than 17 years with Austrian Airlines and nearly 30 years in Austria, the Boeing 767 finds its way to the US state of Michigan, where it has been transferred to its new owner, MonoCoque Diversified Interests. The old engines will be repaired here and sold later.