June 23, 2024

Austria condemns the Taliban’s ban on women working in NGOs

“We are absolutely appalled,” the State Department wrote. The SPÖ recently criticized the fact that Austria did not subscribe to a declaration made by several foreign ministers regarding the ban on women working.

Austria also condemns the ban on non-governmental organization employees working in Afghanistan, announced by the Taliban on 24 December. “We are deeply alarmed by the Taliban’s decision to ban women from working for humanitarian NGOs,” the State Department said on Twitter on Friday. It is another burden on women that leads to their alienation from Afghan society.

The US State Department said, “Women’s participation is key to humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan and must continue.” Austria did not participate in the statement published on Thursday by several foreign ministers on the ban on women working and was criticized for it by the SPÖ. Petra Beyer, spokeswoman for SPÖ Global Development, asked on Thursday why Austria was not participating in the call to lift the work ban. What actions are still required on the part of the Taliban before the Secretary of State Mountain voice (ÖVP, note) finally takes a clear stand and draws conclusions? “

Austria did not participate in the initiative

From the Foreign Office it was said that “Austria – like the vast majority of other countries European Union– Member states that are very active in human rights issues, especially in defending women’s rights – did not participate in this initiative. Ministers of the United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the External Representative of the European Union.

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The Taliban justified the ban by saying that some of the women did not follow the interpretation given to Islami Adhere to the dress code. After further restrictions on women’s rights, many international aid organizations have temporarily suspended their work in the country. Last week, the Taliban banned female students in the country from private and public universities with immediate effect. Girls were barred from secondary school in March.