December 10, 2023

Die MS Wissenschaft ist ein Schiff, das unten grün angestrichen ist und einen weißen Anker hat.

Audio: MS Wissenschaft stop in Nuremberg | Sunday newspaper

The exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft will make a stop at the passenger cargo port of Nuremberg from October 22-26. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Research, the initiative addresses the topic of bioeconomics, which is also at the heart of the 2020/21 Science Year. A bio-economy means a change “from a petroleum-based economy that uses raw materials towards a circular economy with renewable raw materials,” as Cordola Clydet of the ministry explains on the project website.

Focus on sustainable economy

According to their own statement, the exhibition is designed specifically for families and young adults and is free of charge. Exhibits are inventions and projects aimed at making everyday life and the economy more sustainable. Visitors can sit on the popcorn furniture or look at a device that can be used to grow salads and herbs indoors all year round. Ethical and political questions must also be dealt with.

He guides the students and young scientists who live on the ship during the journey through the exhibition and answering questions. Nuremberg will be the last stop of the MS Wissenschaft station. Entry on board the aircraft is only possible after pre-booking an appointment.

Audio contribution about MS Science

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