June 17, 2024

Jacky Delapierre erwartet diese Woche eine aussergewöhnliche Athletissima-Ausgabe, mit nicht weniger als 12 Olympiasiegern und 14 amtierenden Weltmeistern im Starterfeld

Athletissima with the cast | Sports indoors / outdoors

Delabier, who has more than 40 years of experience as an organizer, and his fellow activists were present at the European Championships in Munich. Often difficult negotiations with the directors were taking place behind the scenes, but in the end, a week before Athens, it was all about adjusting the field of participants. Alternatives to cancellation were sought and the waiting list was modified.

Delapierre signed most of the contracts at the World Championships in the US anyway. Because the highest paid stars mostly come from abroad. Friday evening in Lausanne, she will start the women’s top three 100m races with Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sherika Jackson and Elaine Thompson-Herrah. Mujinja Kamponge will be the only European (!) in this area.

The athletes collecting high starting fees were not initially in Munich. The big exception is the Armand Duplantis shaft press. For men, he is the man worth his weight in gold – a world record that is always possible. The Swede is number 1 in the world in all athletics. He is the best paid, but his fees are kept confidential.

Athletics is a tough place for most of the elite to earn money. Usually only flight and accommodation costs are paid. The income then constitutes the rewards, in the Diamond League, $10,000 is paid out to win.

“The 2022 edition promises to be exceptional, with no less than 12 Olympic champions and 14 world singles champions. This is the best field for our participants in ten years,” Delabier said through his spokesperson.

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